TREBUCHET is a studio specialized in virtual reality, founded in Montreal in 2017. Our first game, Prison Boss VR, won the Microsoft Dream.Build.Play contest in the Mixed Reality category. We also made Jousting Time, a multiplayer jousting game for virtual reality arcades. We are now working on an unannounced project funded by the Canada Media Fund.


May 2017

Foundation of the studio, by Vincent Brunet-Dupont, Guillaume Duquesne and Alexandre Pernot Lopes in Montreal.

August 2017

Release of Prison Boss VR on Steam.

Mars 2018

Prison Boss VR wins Microsoft DREAM.BUILD.PLAY contest in the Mixed Reality category.

April 2018

Jousting Time presented at PAX East. Winner of Marooner's Rock Team Choice Award.

August 2018

Jousting Time gets a publishing deal for distribution in VR arcades around the world.

December 2018

Prison Boss VR is released on Playstation VR.



Prison Boss VR Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "DREAM.BUILD.PLAY Challenge 2017" Prison Boss VR - Mixed Reality Category Winner

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Vincent Brunet-Dupont
Co-founder, CEO, Trebuchet
Guillaume Duquesne
Co-founder, CTO, Trebuchet
Alexandre Pernot Lopes
Co-founder, Creative Director, Trebuchet